Mixed Child

Mixed Child – Rapper

Mixed Child was born as Anthony Lee and was born on December 30, 1991 in Saint Paul, MN at the U of M hospital. He is the oldest of 7, 5 sisters and 2 brothers. He is Hmong and White. Being in a mixed culture was a part of my life. Growing up he always asked him self “What do I want to be, Hmong or White” But now he realized that he is proud to be both. During his childhood he enjoyed running around the neighborhood, getting dirty, chasing the ice cream man and playing at parks with other kids. He grew up a kid with lots of attitude and never hesitated to speak his mind. He’s always looked for something that he could be passionate about and found a home in making music. So at age 13 he developed a liking for music such as rapping and as been with it ever since. Now he can speak his mind threw the a mic and let everyone know what type of emotions he is going through and what type of level he’s at. Artists such as 2 Pac, 50 Cents, Twista, Do or Die, Eminem, Lil Wayne and Snoop Dogg had inspired him and had him grow to love the music even more. At that time he had family already in the music game and was offered to join them in their movement of being part of the K-Style Ridaz. Now he’s been with them since the beginning. He has the up most respect for his producer Kroam D and enjoys his recording environment. During that same year his family moved to White Bear Lake where he enjoyed the suburban lifestyle. Playing football and meeting lots of people. At age 15 he moved back to Saint Paul and has been there since. Being in Saint Paul has made him closer to be with the K-Style Ridaz.

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