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    About Kroam D
    About Us

    K-Style Ridaz was established in late 2004 by Anthony “Kroam D” Clayborne and his wife Rose “Lady Ice” Clayborne, in Saint Paul, MN. K-Style Ridaz is a group that is on the rise to the top of the urban community. Their first album, “Kroam D Presents K-Style Ridaz” has brought a lot of attention to their music and had gotten them some recognition in the community.

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    Breaking All Stereotypes

    “Mixed Child young yet confident, breaking all stereotypes, with his saucy lyrics to his R&B rap style.”


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      K-Style Productionz offers resources to help artists achieve industry sound while maintaining creative freedom.

      Looking to record your song, ep or album? We will always dedicate our best service to ensure that your session remains a positive experience.


      Finished with your recorded track and need a well thought, great-sounding mix? Let us mix your track to give it that professional industry-ready sound!


      Need to polish off any single or project? This is where the final touches are applied to your finished mixes that will translate great on all types of speakers.


      Need a producer for your music? Our in-house production team, can provide a variety of services depending on what your project demands.


      Get your photographs taken by our in-house photographer. Can be used for Social Media, Album/EP Covers, you name it!


      No matter what stage you're at or what your skill level is, we'll build on the techniques to help you grow as an artist and make sure your music career is on the right path!

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