About Us

Kroam D – Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO – Kroam D, is a producer, rapper and co-founder of K-Style Productionz. At a young age Kroam D discovered that he had talent in music and started making music using just a keyboard. As he got older his talent grew with him. Kroam D started using FL Studios since he started producing music. When you hear his music and his mastering skills, you can’t tell that all it was just from FL Studio and just a computer. Kroam D has been producing music since 1998. His talent has grown so much as far as doing things just by ears. Kroam D has a talent that is rare to most producers and that is doing everything by ear.

Lady Ice – Co-Founder & Manager

Co-Owner & Manager – Lady Ice, is a designer, manager and co-founder of K-Style Productions. Lady Ice has put an great amount of time and effort into building K-Style Productions. Lady Ice brings great designs with website building, graphic designing, brings great management works with contracts, setting up collaborations, gigs and help gives input on artists during rehearsal.

Our History

K-Style Productionz was established in late 2004 by Anthony “Kroam D” Clayborne and his wife Rose “Lady Ice” Clayborne, in Saint Paul, MN.

K-Style Productionz is a full service Record Label, Management, Distribution, Marketing, Promotion, Artist Development, Public Relations, and Studio located in San Antonio, TX.

What makes K-Style Productionz unique is their enthusiasm to make those that are apart of the company an opportunity to make their dreams come true. They bring their own uniqueness, talents and styles to the entertainment scene and strive everyday to build personal relationships with all those they come in contact with.

Our Vision & Mission

Vision: Our vision is to give those who are apart of the company an opportunity to make their dreams come true, where the artist is supported in their pursuit to creating amazing music and to connect with their audience.

Mission: Our mission is to build personal relationship with all those who we come in contact with by supporting, engaging and creating music. Our goal is always to exceed expectations and conduct ourselves with integrity, honesty, and respect for others.

Our Values

Our values have been our determining factor of how we work. They act as a reminder of what matters to us as an organization and pass these values onto all of our participating artists throughout every moment of their experience at K-Style Productionz.

Family: Family is everything! As a family-owned business we strive to have that sense of family within our organization rather than aspire to be like the cold corporate world.

Diversity: We embrace diversity by working, listening and collaborating together.

Communication: We believe in honesty, trust and open communication as well as fair agreements for our artists.

Integrity: We strive to building trust, being honest, doing the right thing, demonstrating good character and keeping our promises.

Respect: At K-Style Productionz, everything we do is based on the love and respect for the music and for the artists who makes it. Our love for the music guides us in everything we do. This is why we try our best to make sure that everything is planned to perfection with our artists.

Creativity: We embody our passion for the music and are driven to help everyone express themselves through music. We see no boundaries in what we create, and you shouldn’t either!

Excellence: We strive at achieving extraordinary results by being the best at what we do, working with passion and nurturing relations and partnerships. We value an idea that what we work from and what we produce is not ordinary, but above standard.

Inspiration: We desire to create things that bring people to new places, and spark new creative thought.

Originality: We believe that great results are not derived from statistics, but are the result of refining the already existing DNA found within the artist.